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Build A Better Foundation

Every practice needs a solid foundation. That much is obvious. But do you know what goes into that foundation? There are plenty of wrong ways to construct a practice from the ground up. Start with the wrong building blocks, and your practice will get wobbly. Don’t believe me? This video will prove my point.

A doctor comes out of school thinking dentistry is the most important part of their practice. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. You need to learn how to build a good foundation. They don’t teach you that in school!

If you want a solid foundation, think about the broader questions. What are my team’s core values? Who are we? Why do we do what we do? The answers will help you build a practice that can weather any storm. It’s not the end of the world if a roof shingle falls out. A good foundation will stand strong through it all.

To build that foundation, you need to think better. That’s exactly what the ACT coaches are here to do. You put in the work, and a coach will guide your thinking along the way. Chat with an ACT coach to get started!

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