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Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

Dentists always wanna talk strategy. How can they make more money? Increase their patients? Expand into new locations?

Strategy gets old fast. If strategy was a breakfast food, it would be toast—bland, stale and boring. There’s not even butter on that toast!

You can’t run your practice on strategy alone. That’s no fun! If you focus on the numbers too much, you’ll forget to ask one crucial question: are your team members happy?

Toast is just a side dish. What your team REALLY wants are Culture Krispies!

If strategy is toast, then culture is the chocolatey, delicious cereal you loved eating as a kid (and maybe still do). You have to invest in culture because people are everything to your practice. Amazing people will bring your strategy to life!

It’s not always about profitability, growth and success. People have to enjoy being a part of your practice, too. And it all starts with creating an awesome culture.

So, what are you having for breakfast? Boring strategy toast, or Culture Krispies? I think my choice is pretty obvious. We even made a quick video about culture versus strategy. Go check it out!


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