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Episode #371: The 2 Buckets of KPI Benchmarks to Improve Your Practice, with Curtis Marshall

the best practices show podcast Jan 17, 2022

They say that data doesn’t lie, and today’s guest knows that more than most! Kirk Behrendt brings in Curtis Marshall to explain the steps you can take to grow your practice and increase profitability. A veteran of marketing and dental coaching, Curtis will explain his two “buckets,” as well as the areas on which you should be focusing. To learn more about using benchmarks to improve your practice, listen to Episode 371 of The Best Practices Show! 

 Main Takeaways:

  • Make your core values prominent in your practice.
  • Focus on individuals over profits.
  • Use benchmarks to show what’s possible.
  • Increase your practice by knowing what to do with the patients in your office, and what to do with the patients who aren’t in your office.
  • Focus on these four components to increase your effectiveness: hygiene appointments, rescheduling family members, unscheduled treatments, and collections.
  • Talk with patients about the costs—don’t just send them a bill.
  • To be most profitable, collect payments within 30 days.
  • Once you leave, it’s difficult to influence patients—focus on same-day case acceptance.
  • Utilize technology to handle patients outside the office.


  • “In order to hit your success, you’re going to have situations where you’re going to have to make a choice; that’s where core values come into play, and really where I see them so powerful.” (06:50—07:01)
  • “These are great—core values are great—but it’s all about individuals; they’re the ones that makes all this happen.” (11:13—11:19)
  • “The product and dollars, those will all be gone—they could be gone tomorrow—but increasing ourselves as individuals, that’s going to carry with us for a lifetime.” (11:45—11:58)
  • Benchmarks are good for some things, but just to have, you know, they’re not. This is something that many dental offices want to have, but what is it going to do? You ultimately need to see where you are, and then improve, because you can always improve.” (14:10—14:27)
  • “If I’m really trying to increase my practice, it comes down to two things, and two things only. The two things are simple, they’re not even…it’s not production, it’s not collections, it’s not new patients, it is simple. I need to know what to do with my patients that are coming in the office today, and I need to know today what to do with the patients who are not in my office today.”  (15:31—15:56)
  • “Even though we love our patients, often times we’re not focusing on all of these four things.” (20:18—20:25)
  • “If you just make sure that the patients you’re talking to, that you’re collecting those dollars on them, everything else gets taken care of.” (26:03—26:11)
  • “If you just do [the four things], Kirk, you are not gonna have patients not in the office, not scheduled; you’re not gonna need to reach out to the patients who are not in your office, because you’re taking care of everything while they’re in the office.” (33:28—33:43)
  • “We want you to take care of the patients in your office. You do that. Let technology get the patients to come in the office so you can do all that. Stop calling people, stop taking your time on printing out lists and not taking care of the Kirks and the Curtises who are coming in your office. Take care of them because you have a hundred percent chance of talking to them in person—you do not have a hundred percent chance of calling them.” (42:48—43:15)


  • 0:00 Introduction.
  • 05:01 Curtis’ background.
  • 06:36 Using core values.
  • 09:03 Curtis’ favorite core value.
  • 10:38 The importance of individuals
  • 13:34 Using benchmarks
  • 15:07 Profitability formula.
  • 15:31 Two things to increase your practice.
  • 17:03 Do patients have a hygiene appointment and are their family members rescheduled?
  • 20:32 Unscheduled treatment.
  • 24:30 Money and collections.
  • 27:27 Overdue payments.
  • 32:52 Explaining the two buckets.
  • 34:32 Same-day case acceptance.
  • 39:25 Dental Intel morning huddle.
  • 40:23 Using technology.
  • 45:38 Reaching out.
  • 46:35 Wrap up.

Reach out to Curtis:

Curtis’ Instagram: @curtisagram

Curtis’ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dcm24  

Dental Intelligence website: https://www.dentalintel.com

Dental Intelligence phone number: 801-717-2777 


Nationwide dentists have allowed Curtis Marshall to utilize his passion and skills to take their practice to the next level. With over 10 years’ experience of marketing and communication, and 8 years’ experience of practice management, dental coaching, and operations, dentists love the advantage they get through working with him.

While working in a general practice Curtis used his expertise with systems and marketing to help a single doctor grow from 20 new patients a month to being a 3-doctor practice with 400 new patients a month, and $6 million annually.

Curtis is a fantastic motivator and has helped our company with numerous successful marketing projects. He is energetic, charismatic, personal, and the kind of guy who makes friends wherever he goes.


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