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Make Them Pay Today

practice financials/metrics Mar 17, 2014

Dental professionals have heard it all before:

“I forgot my purse!”

“Bill me later.”

“My dog ate my wallet.”

OK, that last one might be a stretch but often when a patient walks into your office for dental work, they have no expectation that they have to pay that day. That same patient would never do this at the drive-thru or at any retail store!

The problem is people have been conditioned by their dentists to PAY LATER!

As dental professionals it may be uncomfortable to talk to your patients about money. Here at ACT Dental we have come up with ways to promote a “pay for it now” mindset.

Never hesitate to discuss money with your patients. Patients need to know you are comfortable with your fees and with money in general. Use clear communication during your consultation to establish important financial boundaries.

Keep in mind you can’t make a patient pay, you can only make them want to pay you!

Solutions for this issue and many others are always available at the ACT Dental U!

Key Takeaway:
In the dental industry, our patients have been conditioned to pay later. We have created the expectation that paying for dental work is not an immediate necessity. Never hesitate to discuss money with your patients. Patients need to know that you are confident and comfortable about your fees and money. Use clear communication. Establish important financial boundaries.

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