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Make Your Data Tell A Story

Your practice is made of data. You need data to identify problems and find solutions. Data is really important, and it can also be really confusing.

Data is like a pile of Legos. You know you’re supposed to build something with them, but you don’t know what! It’s hard to make sense of data when the numbers are sitting in a jumbled heap. You gotta organize them, arrange them and, most importantly, make them tell a story.

Ask yourself this: why are you collecting data? You have to know what the numbers represent. Otherwise, they don’t really mean anything. If production is dropping off, data can explain why that’s happening. Are cancellations high? Data can explain that, too.

Data tells a story. And it can help you change that story!

I think the data is telling me to build a Lego ice cream truck – watch this video to see what I mean. What’s the data telling YOU?


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