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What You Focus On Grows!

Sometimes, you can’t help but focus on all the negatives. You had two cancellations today. One of your patients refused to pay. And someone “forgot” to take out the trash!

What you focus on grows and multiplies. If you focus on garbage, all you’ll see is garbage. It becomes harder to see the positives happening all around you. Plus, stressing over things you can’t control takes energy away from what really matters.

Don’t focus on what you CAN’T do. Instead, focus on what you CAN do.

Share a positive Google review with your team. Ask a patient about their weekend plans. Watch a funny video at your next morning huddle. Focus on the positives, and you’ll start to see them everywhere.

You’re in control of how you perceive the world. You can rise to the positives, or fall to the negatives. The choice is yours!


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