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7 Words That Are Costing You!
Our last production meeting was hilarious…
While attempting to come up with funny examples of people doing things “the old way,” the whole conversation turned into stories about our dads.
A few of the gems:
“Decades after the internet was invented, my Dad still had to visit  the Wrigley Field box office to buy tickets…three months in advance.”
“My Dad still calls a travel agent to make airline reservations.”
“My Dad still peruses his box of yellowing road maps before driving anywhere.”
It turns out they all had the same reason for being set in their ways:  “That’s the way I’ve always done it!”
It’s funny when we’re talking about our dads, not so much when we’re talking about your dental practice. Unfortunately we hear those 7 words in many of the practices we work with. That mindset can cost you time and money.
Take a look at this video, and ask yourselves how you are still doing things “the old way.” Got a fresh idea? Share it in a comment to get other practices out of that rut!
Soon you’ll be saying, ‘We found a new way to do it!”
Doesn’t that soun

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