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business core purpose growth knowledge Aug 29, 2022

Don’t you wish running a practice was easier? It feels like you can’t make it through a single day without obstacles standing in your path. Patients won’t pay. The team won’t communicate. Every day is an uphill battle, and all you want to do is walk on flat ground.

Imagine if running a practice really was that easy. Your practice has its grand opening, and patients are already flying through the door. Every one of them says, “I’ll gladly drop my insurance plan to pay out of pocket!” Sure, that would make your job a whole lot easier. But is that fulfilling?

The easy path isn’t always the best. The best path is full of challenges.

The journey doesn’t end when you finish dental school. You have to keep climbing, keep learning, keep striving for bigger goals. Where you want to be will always seem beyond your reach. But when you stop to look around, you’ll realize how far you’ve come. The higher you climb, the farther you can see.

The air gets pretty thin up there—so is the number of people you’ll find at the top.

Want a hiking buddy? I’ll happily make the climb with you! Fair warning—I get winded pretty quickly. 

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