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3 Proven Techniques for Effective Dental Team Collaboration

There’s a secret to drastically improving your patient experience, and it might surprise you: better chairside chemistry with the person working next to you! When you and your assistants are aligned, you’ll flow like a well-oiled machine, and your patients will feel it. Your workflow will become more

757: 1 Simple Way to Prevent No-Shows – Miranda Beeson

Who do you blame for holes in your schedule? If you said admin, it’s time to reassess your systems! Cancellations and no-shows start in the back, not up front! To help you reduce them, Kirk Behrendt brings in Miranda Beeson, ACT’s director of education, to provide a simple solution for keeping your schedule full of the patients you want. To learn the secret to attracting committed patients, listen to Episode 757 of The Best Practices Show!

756: How to Kickstart Your Best Year Yet: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started! – Heather Crockett

Do you want a better year? Are you dreaming of working less days? There's one thing you need to do to make it happen — start planning ahead. To teach you how, Kirk Behrendt brings back Heather Crockett, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, with the ultimate guide to help you think better about your time. Plan ahead so you can be ahead! To learn how to take control of every schedule in your life, listen to Episode 756 of The Best Practices Show!

The Secret To More Profit In Your Dental Practice

You’ve built a beautiful dental practice: a place where smiles happen every day. But lately, you've been eyeing the bakery down the street, wondering if a bigger pie — more patients, more procedures — is the recipe for ultimate success. Hold on, Doc! Before you get swept up in the hustle, let’s consider what you’re carving out.

755: Reframing the Conversation Around Our Orthodontic Goals – Dr. Rebecca Bockow

A beautiful smile is always the goal — but it’s not the only goal in orthodontics. To reframe the role of early intervention and how it can transform patients’ lives, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Rebecca Bockow, instructor from Spear Education, to explain the benefits beyond straightening teeth. When you understand the potential of orthodontics, you can help more patients long term! To learn more and register for Dr. Bockow’s course, Healthy Growth - Healthy Faces, listen to Episode 755 of The Best Practices Show!

754: Dental Zen: 3 Tips to Conquer Insurance Frustrations – Robyn Theisen

Dealing with insurance is not fun. It’s frustrating, time-consuming, and the least enjoyable part about dentistry. But there are ways to make it tolerable! To share how, Kirk Behrendt brings back Robyn Theisen, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, with three tips to get your team aligned and ready to have the insurance conversation with your patients. To learn how to increase your team’s confidence when talking about insurance, listen to Episode 754 of The Best Practices Show!

753: Maximize Your Margins: Slash PPO Write-Offs and Skyrocket Your Dental Profits – Dr. Barrett Straub & Miranda Beeson

Do you want to own a practice just for someone else to control it? If not, don't miss this episode! Kirk Behrendt brings in Dr. Barrett Straub, ACT’s CEO, and Miranda Beeson, ACT’s director of education, with a treatment plan to get you out of the thumbs of insurance so you can achieve financial freedom and personal fulfillment. With careful, strategic planning you can start removing some — or all — PPOs and reshape your future! To learn the steps to a better practice and a better life, listen to Episode 753 of The Best Practices Show!

3 Secret Life Skills of Elite Leaders

The path to a thriving dental practice demands strong leadership. But what separates good leaders from elite ones? Here are three key mindsets that elevate your leadership—and your practice’s culture:

750: The 15 Nightmares of Every Lab When You Scan – Dr. Christian Coachman

A scanner can do amazing things — if you know how to use it! If you don't, it leads to frustration for you, your patients, and your lab. To help you overcome the barriers and become a master at scanning, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Christian Coachman, founder of Digital Smile Design, to reveal 15 scanning nightmares that you can learn to identify and avoid. To start improving your scans and have a better relationship with your lab, listen to Episode 750 of The Best Practices Show!

Three Leaders. Three Habits.

In our last installment of the Leadership Corner Blog, “The Worst Advice I got in Dental School,” I introduced the three leaders in your practice: the Entrepreneur, the Boss, and the Clinician. If you are the practice owner and wondering who these three are in your practice, the answer is you. All three are you!

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