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Dealing With The Cancellation King

There’s always one patient who stands out the most (in a bad way). You know, the one who’s a no-show for every single appointment. I like to call this person the cancellation king.

The king uses every excuse in the book to cancel his appointments. He’s stuck in traffic. He had to golf with his friends. Dunkin’ Donuts was selling any-size drink for a dollar, and it was an offer he couldn’t pass up.

Wanna know why the cancellation king reigns supreme over your practice? It’s because the patient doesn’t value your services. If you don’t communicate that value, patients won’t bother to show up. They’ll treat your team like a doormat.

Here’s another thing: the worst patients are your friends and family. When a patient is close to you, they try to get away with bad behavior. Uncle Steve thinks it’s okay to cancel at the last minute just because he’s your uncle! Holes in the schedule cost you big time—not to mention an hour you’ll never get back.

Don’t let the cancellation king walk all over you! Teach patients how to treat your team with respect. And of course, help them see the value in your services. More value equals fewer cancellations.
Need a good laugh? Your team will love this video about the cancellation king.

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