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Delegate and Elevate

Your practice schedule is full, yet you’re noticing flat or decreasing production. You’ve gathered a group of people that share your core values and you’re feeling good about your team yet you’re still working long hours. Time eludes you. When will your Better Life begin? Team training and efficient delegation are solutions that go hand-in hand. Whether you need to create more balance in your personal life, or simply boost your team’s cohesion and happiness, training and delegation is the key to improving your practice.  Here’s how focusing on these two concepts can lead to a satisfied workforce, happy patients, and better productivity.

If you’ve got the right people in the right seats it’s time to train and trust! You’ve got to delegate and elevate!

Train with Clarity
We love Brene Brown’s “Clear is Kind” mantra. Create clarity around all expectations, and train team members to not only meet but exceed those expectations. Frequent training and a consistent meeting cadence ensures understanding and team alignment around your core values and your vision. After all, you don’t get into the dental business for profit alone—you’re here to make a meaningful difference in the lives of your patients. Continual training gets the entire team on the same page in the following crucial practice areas:

Core Values: Establish the core guiding principles and behaviors for your practice and your team.
Expectations: What individual team members and patients can expect from the dental team.
Standards: What your team must do to ensure all patient expectations are met and exceeded.
Guidance: How individual team members, and the team as a whole, meets patient standards.
Regular meetings and training show you how your group as a whole is upholding your standards. Through hands-on observation, you’ll spot gaps in knowledge or skills, as well as areas you need to optimize with better delegation.

Empower individual team members to take ownership of tasks. As a Dentist, you spend the majority of your time working chairside, bringing in revenue. If you are unable to effectively delegate tasks that exist outside of the operatory, if you are consistently bogged down with administrative tasks, you are leaving money on the table. The most successful practice owners and office managers delegate as many non-clinical duties as possible to team members.

Remember that as team members shoulder new responsibilities, they need the skills to handle them effectively. Don’t get impatient if you don’t notice results right away—with proper training over time, weaknesses develop into strengths and talented employees will grow into their role and own it.

Many dentists and office managers divvy out specific tasks simply out of habit without realizing that certain team members can perform these tasks more effectively. Combining continual training with insightful delegation develops your team’s capabilities and teaches them new skills. This is a great benefit to employees, making them more versatile and employable and more important to the team, too. By providing training in new areas, you’ll make their job more interesting and open up opportunities for specialization in your practice

Empower with Trust
By delegating tasks that match your team members’ strengths, you empower them to take more initiative, make decisions with minimal oversight and look for ways to improve your practice. It’s a great way to boost employee loyalty and make every member of your team feel more engaged. It will also lead to improved efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Regular training and consistent coaching give the entire team the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their day-to-day jobs more productively. A team that’s struggling to complete everyday tasks leads to an inefficient office, but proper training instills confidence that leads to greater productivity and increased profits.

Not only will a confident, relaxed team perform better, but they’ll also provide exceptional service at every stage of a patient’s experience. The result is repeat business and referrals, which boost your profits in the long term.

By training with clarity, you’ve set your team up for success and allowed you to genuinely trust they will complete their tasks and responsibilities. By delegating and elevating, you’ve given your practice a competitive advantage!

Want to know more about what it takes to develop your dental team into an efficient, cohesive group that not only keeps your patients satisfied but also improves your bottom line? Set up a call to chat with us. Our coaches give you the tools and insight you need to develop your team’s knowledge and skillsets through continual training and effective delegation. We know what it takes to get your team on the same page for a Better Practice and a Better Life!


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