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Dropping The “I” Bomb

Have you noticed? Your team keeps swearing in front of patients! They drop the “I” bomb all day long, and they think nothing of it. That’s right—I’m talking about insurance.

I feel icky just saying it! Your team needs to stop bringing up insurance. When you make it the focus, patients make it the focus. All they’ll ask is, “Will my insurance cover this?” Insurance makes the conversation all about money and steers patients away from essential treatment. If it’s not covered by insurance, patients think they don’t need it.

Insurance isn’t even insurance! It’s time we start calling the “I” word by its real name: benefits.

Replace “insurance” with “benefits” in your practice. By changing the language, you also change patients’ perception of treatment. Dental teams who use the word “benefits” see a much higher rate of case acceptance. After all, “benefits” has a nice ring to it!

I’m sure you’re very forgiving of your team members. When I say insurance, MY team scrubs out my mouth with soap! (Okay, that was just for a video. Watch it for a good laugh!


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