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Keep Your Work Battery Charged


How’s your work battery doing? Is it fully charged, or is it running low? Lots of things can drain your work battery—stress, gossip, increased workload, hustle culture. You might not even realize your battery is in the red. You just do what everyone else does: power through.

Don’t let your battery—and your team members’ batteries—get too low. When batteries run out, people run out.

The solution? Find what gives your team ENERGY! Look for CE opportunities. Create the schedule you want. Reward team members for their efforts. When you recharge those batteries, people will walk into work every day with a smile.

The ACT community can help recharge those batteries, too! Meet dentists just like you in our To The Top Study Club. Bond with your team at one of our many workshops. Keep your practice on track with a quarterly coach visit. We’re here to support you!

Need a break from work? Watch this quick video with your team. It’ll help everyone reset and prepare to conquer the day!

Keep those batteries charged!

Kirk Behrendt

Kirk Behrendt is the Founder of ACT Dental, a customized coaching company for dentists. He has invested his entire professional life studying the top dental practices in the world and the leadership that guides them. As the founder of ACT, his vision is driven by the commitment to provide highly personalized care to the dental profession. By creating a talented team of experts, Kirk and his team continue to positively impact the practice of dentistry one practice at a time. His personal mission is to use up every ounce of his potential. He lectures all over the world to help individuals take control of their own lives. Kirk has been recognized as one of Dentistry Today as one of Top Leaders in Dental. Dr. Peter Dawson called him “THE best motivator I have ever heard.” He loves cycling, basketball, stand-up comedy, and most of all, spending time with his wife, Sarah, and children Kinzie, Lily, Zoe & Bo.