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Practice Gratitude

blessings excitement gratitude happythanksgiving kirk morning huddle thankful Nov 22, 2022

Are you bogged down by the daily grind? When you’re constantly working, it’s hard to see all the good stuff that’s happening around you. Instead, you end up focusing on the bad stuff—empty chairs, overdue payments, late patients, the list goes on.

If you focus on what you DON’T have, you’re going to feel negative all the time.

The solution? Well, I can’t make ALL your problems go away. But practicing gratitude sure is a great place to start!

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to think about what you’re grateful for. Gratitude cuts off airflow to negativity and lets the happiness come flooding in. List as many things as you can think of, both in your practice and personal life.

I’ll start: I’m super grateful for my coaches and the entire ACT team. I’m grateful for my family, my wife, my children and all the dentists in the ACT community. I’m grateful for YOU!

Next time you’re feeling negative, take a moment to pause and count all the things you’re grateful for. Oh, and check out this video my team made just for you. It’ll help brighten your mood!

Happy turkey day!

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