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The Secret To Success In Dentistry

What’s Your Secret?

Are you fascinated by successful people? It’s inspiring and interesting to see people who are successful in dentistry, successful in finance and successful in health. Interacting with successful people often makes you wonder what you can do to achieve similar levels of success both at your practice and in your personal life.

Here’s what you are going to find. When talking to anyone who has ever been successful at anything, they’ll be dying to answer you if you ask them: “What’s your secret?” It’s never 22 different things. Rather, anyone who is truly successful will go: “I do three things—here they are.”

Systems For Success

I was on a flight not too long ago. After boarding, a young family with three little girls came down the aisle. As a father of three not-so-little girls myself, I have a special place in my heart for young families with little girls.

They came down the aisle looking like penguins. They had their little backpacks, and the parents were behind them. The mom sat the girls in the row behind the parents. This caught my attention because I would always seat my girls in the row in front of me.

She said to the kids, “Pull out your books,” and so they pulled out their books. I thought that was impressive. She said, “Put your backpacks underneath the seat,” and they put their backpacks away. She said, “Put your seatbelts on,” and they put them on. At this point, I was a little scared. She said, “Okay, read,” and they started reading.

Parents love a good compliment, and she deserved one. Her kids were all playing, they were talking to each other and they were nice and well-behaved. I turned around and said, “I just wanted to share with you that I also had three little girls, and yours are so sweet.”

I asked her, “What’s your secret?” She explained, “Oh, that’s easy. They work my system. I don’t work theirs.”

Successful people operate within systems that allow them to control their environments and the things around them. Without these systems in place, success is impossible. Learning how to build systems for success at your practice and in your personal life will allow you to achieve new levels of satisfaction with your career, your finances, your health and everything else that’s important in your life.


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