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The Worlds Greatest Patient

accountability cancellations new patients Jul 18, 2022

Your practice would be nothing without patients. But that doesn’t mean they should run the show! Your team is in charge, and patients need to see that. If you don’t set boundaries with patients, they can (and will) get away with anything.

Every patient believes they’re the best. But let me tell you, perception and reality are two very different things.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “The customer is always right.” Take that concept and throw it out the window! Patients can’t treat you however they want. They’ll end up running the practice instead of your team.

You need a standardized set of rules for all your patients. No one should get special treatment, even if they feel entitled to it. Make expectations clear long before they show up for that first appointment. Say the rules out loud—patients can’t read your mind!

Not everyone deserves the title of World’s Greatest Patient. Here’s a short video your team will find all too relatable. I bet it’ll make you think about some of your own patients!

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