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16 Summers

Time is the New Rich

I always say, we only get 16 summers.  Our oldest child graduated from high school two years ago. As that summer ended, we had to help her get ready to make the big move to college. We packed what she needed from her room, bought the dorm essentials, and loaded up the car.

It was a lot harder than I thought.

I thought I was going to be fine, but that week I was caught in this weird place where I was excited for her because she’s ready for the next chapter – but wasn’t ready for her to go. It was getting more difficult by the hour as the day approached.

A big event – like a child going off to college – really makes you think about what’s important. It makes you think about how fast life moves. My daughter grew up  like that  and suddenly my little girl wasn’t so little anymore. It seems like she was just five the other day. Time goes fast.

I’ve always said you only get 16 summers. Now that I’ve lived it, those 16 summers really do fly. And those summers will soon come to an end with my second oldest! Cherish every single summer and squeeze every single memory you can.

Now more than ever I’m reminded that  time is the new rich . Value every day, value every moment, and value every summer.

Would you like to cherish those summer moments more often? I shared some amazing tips in our latest webinar: Increase Your Production and Decrease Your Working Days.


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