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3 Words To Simplify Your Life

communication motivation Oct 13, 2013

It always seems to happen when I’m driving a carload of kids to the soccer field.

The phone rings.
“Can you help with the scouting event?”
“The book fair?”
“The neighborhood garage sale?”

While it’s great to give back, help others, even serve as commander of the weekend soccer shuttle…it eventually becomes unmanageable.

Saying “yes” can make you crazy, but the word “no” hits people like a slap in the face! Often we find ourselves hesitant to answer either way.

A great solution is the simple phrase, “Love to, can’t.”

Those three words honor the request, while being very clear about the boundary.

Next time you wrestle with one of those inquiries, ask yourself, “Am I truly doing this in the service of others, or at the expense of myself?”
When you’re acting at the expense of yourself, you’re helping nobody!
This is when you can use those 3 magic words, “Love to, can’t.”

Now off to the soccer field!

Key Takeaway:

3 simple words: “Love to, can’t” can simply your life. As a dentist, you are constantly finding solutions for your practice, patients, and your team. When a patient has a request like, “Can we do the procedure this year and bill it next year?” Your answer can be simple, “I’d love to, but I can’t.” You are honoring the request of your patient, but are clear about the boundaries for efficient dental practice management. The word “no” hits people like a slap in the face, but three words can still honor the request and set clear boundaries for your practice.

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