Get Rolling With Momentum!

motivation Jul 12, 2013

Establishing momentum is just like trying to roll a boulder (or in this case a minivan!!). It takes a lot of energy to get started, but once it’s rolling, it’s hard to stop.

Whether in business, sports or your practice, nothing creates confidence faster than gaining strong forward momentum.

When a basketball team goes on a big run, the opposing coach will always call a timeout to try to stop the momentum.

Fitness buffs discover that once they get into a workout routine, it’s hard to quit the urge to stay in shape. And that’s when great results happen!

Did you every read a great book, or see a movie that really inspired you? Part of the challenge is to keep that motivation once you’ve walked out of the theater.

So find ways to maintain positive momentum in your practice. Today, make something great happen. [Tweet “Focus on “making the day” for one of your patients. Tomorrow, make TWO great things happen. Keep the momentum rolling...

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The Key To Successful Connections

communication Jun 21, 2013

I discovered this after my first lecture in 2006…which happened to be my worst one ever. It was a total disaster!!

I found a great coach who agreed I needed help.

Her first step? A stone!

Written on the stone were the words, “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME.”

She put the stone in my hand and told me to carry it every time I spoke to an audience. It’s a subtle reminder that the key to connecting isn’t what I’m thinking or projecting on a screen, but identifying what’s in the hearts of those who are listening.

One trick is to remind yourself to be interested rather than interesting.

If you focus more on the what’s important to others , you will find you’re more able to make successful connections (and less likely to suffer a disaster like my first lecture!)

Good luck!!

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What Your “Cover” Says About You

communication motivation Jun 03, 2013

What Your “Cover” Says About You

Think of your practice as a book.

What does the “cover” say about the great story going on inside?

We recently came upon a dental practice that had overgrown landscaping, weeds and a lot of broken concrete around the lot. We realized there may be a lot of great people doing fantastic work inside, but the outer appearance may be turning away potential patients. Real estate experts will tell you home buyers often make a decision about a house within a matter of seconds. 63% of home buyers will show up at a house after liking an online photo. First impressions count!

Take a look at the cover of your practice, from the landscaping, to the logos, to the photos of your team. What first impressions are you creating? Make sure they are an accurate depiction of the great work you are doing every day!

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The Most Valuable Thing You Can Sell

motivation May 13, 2013

It’s funny how I can barely start my day without a big cup of Starbucks.

Is it the greatest coffee in the world? I don’t think so. But I love having that coffee in my hand at the start of the day. Makes me feel alert and ready to go.

Same thing with a bottle of spring water. It doesn’t taste any different than tap water, but it makes mefeel like I’m being healthier.

Even if I’m not very fast, a slick pair of Nike running shoes makes me feel like Usain Bolt.

(Well, ALMOST)

What kind of feeling are you creating in your patients? Unfortunately a new crown doesn’t carry the same “WOW” factor as a fresh pair of neon-green Nikes. So your challenge is to make that patient feel like you’re the only choice in dentistry.

My friend Dr. John Cranham says of his patients,

“I want them leaving the office feeling better than they did when they walked in.”
So make sure your team is leaving your patients with the same feeling. It is,...

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Checklists For Your Dental Practice

organization productivity Apr 12, 2013

Did you know checklists improve efficiency 3-fold?

You’ll also be 5 times as accurate when you use checklists in your Dental Practice.

It’s kind of like going to the grocery store. If you bring a list, you’ll spend far less time wandering the aisles, and you’re certain to leave with everything you came for.

There are 5 areas your practice will benefit from using a strategic checklist:

So start creating checklists for every area of your practice, and make the day easier and more efficient for the whole team!

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