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Don't Let Your Practice Boil

communication emotions kirk mindset morning huddle reflect relationships teamwork Sep 13, 2022

Do you wear glasses? I do, and guess what--they’re not always helpful! Sometimes I can’t see clearly at all, especially when I’m cooking. The water starts to boil, and my glasses completely fog up. When that happens, I can’t tell what I’m putting in the pot. I’ll throw in what I think is paprika—it’s actually cinnamon—along with a dash of salt . . . and another dash, and another.

Would you eat that soup? I wouldn’t. It sounds disgusting!

The same concept applies to your practice. When emotions start to boil over, your judgment becomes clouded (just like my glasses). Making decisions while you’re angry is like throwing random ingredients into a pot. It never ends well!

You can’t see your reflection in boiling water. Let the surface settle, then make a decision.

The truth is concealed when emotions rise to a boiling point. When you proceed with a clear head, you’re able to act with data instead of your feelings. You’ll be glad you didn’t say anything in the heat of the moment. 

And in case you’re wondering, this is what it’s like to cook with glasses on. Surely I’m not the only one who has this problem!

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