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How To Create An Attractive Ad For The Best Prospects In Your Practice

A collaborative, efficient team dynamic is critical to the success of a dental practice. However, “how” to build such a team is often an elusive concept. One of the most common questions we hear from clients is, “How do I hire the right people?”

In a previous post, we shared some key takeaways from Kirk Behrendt’s recent discussion with Dr. Ken Allen in episode #1 of our podcast. In that episode, Kirk asked Dr. Allen to share some tips on hiring the best dental team members. Here we’ll delve a little deeper, and review a particular step of the hiring process that is often overlooked – writing a great ad. Read on to learn about the structure of attractive job advertisements, and how their proper assembly can draw top-notch potential to your dental practice.

The Anatomy Of A Great Ad

Creative –  Don’t restrict yourself to operating within the box of job ad standards – people naturally gravitate toward original ideas. Use words that reflect your core values, add character to your ad, and align with the personality of your practice and team.

Clarity –  List the traits and characteristics of the ideal team member. Appeal to diversity, but also address personalities that you think would think would best mesh in your work environment, such as respectful or “glass half full” mentality.

Appropriate Job Description –  A job posting should not read like a three-page summary, but a vivid outline of day-to-day activities and expectations should be included. Transparency and communicated expectations on the front-end will ensure you attract applicants who understand what it takes to fit in, and benefit, your practice.

Lists Any “Must-Haves” –  If you have non-negotiables, such as skills, degrees, or certifications, be sure to list those in your ad. This will help deter unqualified candidates and manage a portion of your interview process ahead of time.

If You’re Willing To Train, Say So –  As Dr. Allen states, “sometimes it takes longer to un-train the wrong habits than it takes to train the correct habits.” Individuals who have the right attitude, natural people skills, and a foundational knowledge base, can always be taught technical skills. Help ensure these types of candidates are not discouraged from applying by stating if you are willing to train in your ad.

Tips For Crafting The Best Ad

Have your practice’s vision and core values on-hand –  As previously mentioned, an ad should reflect what is important to you and your team. Be sure to keep those principles and ideals “top of mind” by referencing your vision and values as you create the ad.

Less Is More –  A thoughtful, concise ad is far more efficient than a lengthy piece attempting to cover every possible duty, prerequisite, and expectation of an available job. Think through what is necessary to convey and say it as succinctly as possible.

Emphasize People Skills –  Determine what people skills are necessary for the role and highlight those in your ad. For example, Dr. Allen’s core values reflect compassion, integrity, and empathy so his ads focus on these attributes and less on technical skills that can be taught.

Remember The Instructions –  It may sound obvious, but far too often employers spend hours crafting detailed job ads only to leave out the most critical component – how to apply for the job. A reasonable requirement is the submission of a resume and cover letter.

But don’t be afraid to “spice up”  your application process by requesting candidates to answer a few questions or provide additional information. This will not only offer valuable insight into the candidates, it will clearly separate those who read the instructions and are serious about the job from those who simply attached their resume and hit “send.” Required questions on the application might include, “List 3 reasons why you are the right fit for this position.”


A quality job ad describes not only outlines the scope of an available position, but also the interpersonal qualities you seek from an employee. By taking the time to write a descriptive and creative ad that is in line with your practice’s values and philosophies, you will attract more individuals who have the skills and personality to fit within your team and meet your expectations.

The Team For Your Team

At ACT Dental, our team of experts is experienced in attracting and retaining high-performing dental team members. We have the tools, best practices, and people to help you put the right professionals in the key roles on your team. Contact us today to learn what the ACT Dental difference can mean for you.


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