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How To Simplify Your Meetings

accountability colors morning huddle simplify Oct 11, 2022

Do you know what your scorecards are saying? For me personally, if numbers aren’t color-coded, I have no clue what they mean. I’ll look at a number and think, “Is that good or bad?” A scorecard without color creates too many gray areas. And when you have gray areas, you can’t tell how your practice is performing.

Simplify scorecards by making numbers red or green. Red means bad, and green means good. The red or green method lets you glance at a scorecard and understand how your practice is performing within seconds. Your team can identify problem areas right away and come up with solutions to fix them.
All you need is a color and a number. That’s it! The goal is simple: turn reds into greens.

Here’s an extra tip: write one person’s name on the scorecard. I’ve learned over the years that if everyone’s accountable, no one’s accountable.

You’re not finding someone to blame for the red. Red simply means, “I need support from my team.” Plus, holding people accountable creates healthy competition. See who can score the most green!
It’s time to help your team create performance-based outcomes. Watch this quick video to see what your scorecards should look like!


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