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Remodel Your Schedule

cancellations morning huddle organization scheduling Aug 02, 2022

You’re starting every day on the wrong foot. The second you walk into the office, you come face to face with THAT patient. Before your coffee kicks in, the patient is already ranting about how they practically paid for your college. The funny thing is, they don’t even pay!

The appointment doesn’t go much better. You keep telling the patient they need a tooth extraction, and all they want you to do is whiten it. They don’t care what’s best for them. On their way out, the patient yells, “That hygienist was NOT gentle! She made me bleed!” You don’t wanna put up with that at 7:00 am.

Sick of rude patients? It’s time to remodel your schedule.

The schedule is built with green, yellow, and red bricks. The green ones represent your best patients. Yellow bricks are less than ideal, but you can make it work. The red bricks never pay, show up late and scream in your face.

Are the red bricks bad people? Of course not. They just don’t fit with your values. All patients deserve your respect—what they don’t deserve is to suck up your time and money. You don’t need more patients.

You need BETTER patients. Build your schedule with green bricks to make the team happier. 

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