7 Reasons Why Your Patients Cancel Appointments

cancellations Mar 25, 2019

In dentistry, cancellations can be extremely problematic. While it is common for dentists to experience occasional cancellations from patients, there are some practices in which cancellations have become the norm.

If you are experiencing more cancellations than you think is healthy, you must find ways to curb the problem. Not only do cancellations impede your profit, but they also cost your practice money. When you are working, you want to be as productive as possible so that you can care for your patients, ensure the health of your practice and make the most of your downtime outside the office.


To help you prevent these issues, consider a few of the reasons why your patients are cancelling in the first place:

  1. You lack a good system: You teach people how to treat you, and if you are not demonstrating to your patients the value of your time and the importance keeping...
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