Leading Through Times Of Crisis; How to Keep Your Team Engaged

Speaking in certainties has become difficult lately. One of the few things I can say with confidence is I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. While this has always been true, the past months have amplified this reality. Coming face to face with this begs the question, how does a true leader grapple with the unknown while simultaneously stepping up and providing the clarity and safety a team needs to stay aligned and engaged? 

Here at ACT, we have always helped leaders build cultures filled with committed and engaged team members. We know the real advantage this provides. Recently, we have seen some individuals forget about the importance of fostering high employee engagement, and with good reason; the challenges and decisions we all face seem never to end. Yet as I sat back, listening during our weekly team meeting to the questions, ideas, and struggles that our team has been working through, I was reminded of something.  An engaged team brings a commitment to each...

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Are you spending too much time outside of your “circle?”

Your “circle” is where you are performing the tasks you are most gifted in.  The things you were made to do.  Too many times we spend several hours a day on things outside of that circle.

How can you get back inside your circle for the majority of your day, week, and month?  One word:  SYSTEMS.  This can be as simple as putting your supplies back in the same place every day so you’re not wasting time hunting for them, and as big as having a plan in place when a patient cancels or isn’t paying.

Systems take the stress out of life and get you back to doing what you do best.

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Checklists For Your Dental Practice

organization productivity Apr 12, 2013

Did you know checklists improve efficiency 3-fold?

You’ll also be 5 times as accurate when you use checklists in your Dental Practice.

It’s kind of like going to the grocery store. If you bring a list, you’ll spend far less time wandering the aisles, and you’re certain to leave with everything you came for.

There are 5 areas your practice will benefit from using a strategic checklist:

So start creating checklists for every area of your practice, and make the day easier and more efficient for the whole team!

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