5 Fast Ways To Fill Your Schedule Now


How in the world do you keep your schedule full? This is a question we always get here at ACT Dental, and the problem has taken on a new life in the current Covid climate.

In our recent Best Practices Show, we reviewed five ways to fill your schedule now. Download our incredible resource, click play, and follow along as we dive into the five steps below, sharing how they can help you fill your schedule today!

The 5 Steps To Fill Your Schedule!

1: Get super clear about WHY the schedule is not full in the next few months before you attempt to fill it.

The way you attack your schedule’s openings will differ when you become clear about WHY you have those openings. Was this just because of Covid closers? Is it fear in your patient base that is the main issue? Do some real analysis here before putting a plan into action.

2: Make sure your Morning Huddles are “World Class.”

A great morning huddle can be your single biggest ROI. When moring huddles are working and...

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How To Break The Covid Schedule Cycle

Fall has arrived, and along with it, the scheduling lull that we have been forecasting and acting upon over the past few months. While many offices have worked hard and closed the post-Covid scheduling gap, this challenge is still a top priority for a lot of practices around the country. 

As we are now fully realizing the cyclical effects of the Covid closures, we must be mindful and look forward, recognizing that a lack of stable, consistent action today will lead to this scheduling lull cycling yet again six months down the line. We have watched as our most successful practices have avoided the scheduling gap, and we want to share those tips with you.

Breaking The Cycle

Over the past months, we’ve focused on concrete countermeasures and scheduling policies for reopening. While these strategies are still valid and can help you continue to fill your schedule, now is the time to shift back to some basics. What many teams are realizing is how important it is to have a...

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6 Major Scheduling Mistakes You’re Making Right Now In Your Practice

scheduling Oct 18, 2018

6 Major Scheduling Mistakes You’re Making Right Now in Your Practice

Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of operating a successful dental office. I think “Time is the new Rich.” Those who learn how to control their time and give their best energy to the things that matter most live happier, more fulfilled lives. No question about that.  In dentistry, it’s no different—when your schedule takes over your life, it can feel quite overwhelming, and you can end up frustrated with everyone and everything around you.

Having a proper perspective on your schedule, is critical to you enjoying your practice as a dental professional.  It is less about the number of hours you work per week, but rather what goes in those hours instead. We coach dentists all the time that the key to a Better Practice and a Better Life isn’t about working harder, it’s about “Thinking Better.”

Here are the 6 major scheduling...

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Get Them Scheduled! Tips For Appointing Apprehensive Patients


What does dentistry have to do with coffee mugs? Take a look at our example in the video, and ask yourself:

“How well are we conveying the value of our dental expertise?”

While we can’t choose treatment for patients, we can present the benefits that influence their decisions to move forward.

Remember, patient apprehensions are typically centered around time, money or pain.

With a carefully crafted message and strategized language, we can get them past those apprehensions, and into the chair!

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