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The 5 Steps To Fill Your Dental Practice Schedule

How in the world do you keep your schedule full? This is a question we always get here at ACT Dental, and the problem has taken on a new life in the current Covid climate.

In our recent  Best Practices Show , we reviewed five ways to fill your schedule now. Download our incredible resource, click play, and follow along as we dive into the five steps below, sharing how they can help you fill your schedule today!

The 5 Steps To Fill Your Schedule!

1: Get super clear about WHY the schedule is not full in the next few months before you attempt to fill it.

The way you attack your schedule’s openings will differ when you become clear about  WHY  you have those openings. Was this just because of Covid closers? Is it fear in your patient base that is the main issue? Do some real analysis here before putting a plan into action.

2: Make sure your Morning Huddles are “World Class.”

A great morning huddle can be your single biggest ROI. When moring huddles are working and efficient, they can increase production by up to 12%. This important meeting will set you up for success, don’t skip it. The huddle is a great time to identify opportunities for treatment that can keep the schedule full.

3: Re-commit to getting really good at the basics. This has to do with regular recare.

We have watched so many people get so busy that they drop the ball on the basics. Take time to review the foundational recare system in your practice, ensuring the team is committed to this crucial system that has always worked. Don’t forget to look into your confirmation practices as well.

4: Tighten up the recare intervals for when you might see patients back for their next appointment.

In a review of your charts, you will likely find that many patients could benefit from a shorter recare interval. Look at openings in the schedule now as an opportunity to provide those patients with the ideal treatment they truly need.

5: Re-energize your internal marketing campaigns.

Get good at marketing! Ramp up the systems that you have always used, such as the year-end insurance benefits campaign. Make sure to have a plan in place to stay in contact with your patients so you can keep them on the schedule. It’s also a great time to think about other “soft dollar” giveaways to add value to the services that you provide and get more patients in the chair!

Get your team working on step 1 right away, and then get a plan of action in place. Once you are all engaged, you can get clear with your team, get clear with your patients, and get the right patients in the schedule today!


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