What Signs Will You See?

motivation Apr 21, 2015

The words were scrawled lightly on the edge of the street.

One of our team members barely noticed them as she jogged by after a tough day.

But the simple phrase (in the video above) changed her mood completely. Oddly enough, a misspelling in the message indicated it was created by a child. A very subtle, almost unnoticeable bit of encouragement written by the most unlikely of people.

That moment got us thinking, how many positive signs do we miss every day when we are most focused on the negatives?

This week focus on looking for the good around you and in others, even when you’re feeling it the least!

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Which Way Are You Paddling?

leadership Apr 06, 2015

At ACT Dental, we are all about the principles of a high performing team. So we thought “Hey! This little boating adventure is the perfect video!”

Is there one person paddling against your progress? Maybe it’s time they get a little wet!
This week, take a look at the culture of your team. Are you all paddling together?

There are 3 conditions to team dynamics, which likely resemble the way your team would row a boat.

ENGAGED — The entire team is rowing together toward a common goal. Everyone is in sync and your progress feels good!
NOT ENGAGED — The feeling that someone doesn’t have their oar completely in the water. This is where the whole team might feel they’re having to pick up the slack for a lack of production.
ACTIVELY DISENGAGED –The sense that someone is actually paddling against the progress. This can lead to a lack of production, and a general feeling of energy being sucked from the team effort.
Are there areas where your team...

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One Biopsy You Should Avoid!


Did you know, despite his fortunes, Walmart Founder Sam Walton preferred to drive an old pickup truck?
He could afford the fanciest clothes, but filled out his wardrobe largely with offerings from Walmart.

So this is another time when we break out the old phrase,
“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.”
Wise but difficult words to live by!

The point here is we simply cannot afford to not to assume who can or will afford our dentistry.

It’s called a “wallet biopsy.” When we try to judge potential patients by what dentistry we think they’ll accept, we’re closing the door to opportunity.

So do a lot of listening to new patients, instead of trying to figure out what they want (or can afford) based on appearances!

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How’s Your Play Doh

leadership motivation Feb 05, 2015

As a kid, I LOVED Play Doh.
You can make anything out of that stuff.
But nothing was worse than opening the can only to discover my brother had mixed it all up and let it dry out (it was ALWAYS his fault!)

The ideas we bring to our practice every day are just like Play Doh.

We’re not going to get far (or very creative) if we keep working with the same old, stale, dried up ideas.

So next meeting (you are having meetings, right?!), open the lid on some fresh new ideas.
Put them on the table, stretch them out and see what your team can come up with.
(And whatever you do, keep them out of reach of your brother!!!)

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Dr. Nickname, DDS

communication Nov 24, 2014

You are the greatest dental practice in town, and you know it!

The problem?

In a world full of fantastic dentists, your skill and expertise might not be enough.

No one knows this better than Dr. Michael LeBlanc of Shawnee, Kansas. That’s why his team takes it to another level.

Always conscious of total customer service, they give their patients their all…and often it’s delivered with a funny nickname.

Are you thinking like the LeBlanc team every time you hit the floor?

Remember, every bit of contact you have with your patients contributes to a lasting impression.

Hey, you’re the best in town. Make sure everyone knows it!

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Do WHAT You Love For WHO You Love

motivation Aug 19, 2014

An unexpected, amazing thing happened while we were preparing for this video.

On the day of the shoot, we had all brought in framed family photos. One by one they were popping up around the office, on desks and counters (and the ping pong table!).

There were formal portraits, vacation pictures, shots of cats and dogs.

For the first 5 or 10 minutes of the day, we all wandered about, spontaneously chatting, laughing and asking questions.

“I didn’t know you had a brother!”

“When we’re you in Oregon?”

“How old is your daughter now?!”

We’ve been a team for a while now, and grown very close. But we realized there is still much to know and appreciate about these amazing people beyond our families.

So we hope while you are “putting some love in your office,” you take a little time to learn something new about the people you share it with, and recall why it’s so great to be a part of your team!

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Capture The Little Moments!

motivation Jun 10, 2014

Have you noticed that nowadays, kids “graduate” pretty much every year?

By the time high school (and hopefully college!) rolls around, I’ll have a lot of practice attending graduations. There were the preschool, kindergarten, and grade school ceremonies. Junior High is coming too soon. 

Sometimes it seems a little funny that our kids have so many graduations.  But I’ve come to realize they are as much about my kids’ accomplishments, as they are markers along our life’s journey together.

So with that in mind, and summer around the corner, I want to encourage you to cherish these little moments. Embrace them while they last. And whatever you do, don’t forget your camera!

As I used to tell my classmates after my own childhood graduations, “Have a great summer!”

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Make Them Pay Today


Dental professionals have heard it all before:

“I forgot my purse!”

“Bill me later.”

“My dog ate my wallet.”

OK, that last one might be a stretch but often when a patient walks into your office for dental work, they have no expectation that they have to pay that day. That same patient would never do this at the drive-thru or at any retail store!

The problem is people have been conditioned by their dentists to PAY LATER!

As dental professionals it may be uncomfortable to talk to your patients about money. Here at ACT Dental we have come up with ways to promote a “pay for it now” mindset.

Never hesitate to discuss money with your patients. Patients need to know you are comfortable with your fees and with money in general. Use clear communication during your consultation to establish important financial boundaries.

Keep in mind you can’t make a patient pay, you can only make them want to pay you!

Solutions for this issue and many...

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Can You Do This In 20 Seconds?

communication Feb 17, 2014


The elevator door opens and your ideal patient walks in. You strike up a conversation and BOOM!

They ask THE question:


You freeze. The words just aren’t there!

“Well uhh…”


The doors open and your time is up!

You just missed the PERFECT opportunity to express your mission, explain the value of your dental practice and ultimately gain a patient.

So you need plan ahead and come up with your own “Elevator Speech.”

We call it an Elevator Speech because it’s got to be short and to the point. Usually less than 30 SECONDS!

An Elevator Speech needs to BE 3 things:




When the person your talking to walks out of the elevator you want to give them a reason to want to take action!

So plan ahead and start preparing your Elevator Speech. You never know who’s waiting on the other side of the door.

Key takeaways:

Prepare a 15-30 second speech highlighting the unique aspects of your company. Express...

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You’re A Dental Athlete!

motivation Dec 02, 2013

Did you know Mick Jagger is 70?

The guy may have a lot more lines in his face, but he’s still touring like he was in his 20s. Mick has committed to keeping himself in athletic shape to handle the rigors of performing.

Let’s face it. As a dental professional, you’re also a lot like an athlete.

Running a dental practice keeps you on your feet and brings the same physical and mental stress athletes face.

What are you doing to keep yourself conditioned for the pressures of your job?

“Train” lead singer, Pat Monahan, brings a treadmill on tour. He equates being in a band to being a member of a sports team.

Singer Pink (Alecia Beth Moore) lost 55 pounds, and works out 6 days a week to keep herself literally flying through arenas.

So whether you use a microphone, a hockey stick or a hand-piece, now is a great time to consider the ways you can improve your conditioning to be the best at what you do. Like Mick Jagger, you can keep performing like an ageless...

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