2 Very Powerful Ideas for Better Work/Life Balance as a Dentist



Dr. Bill Robbins - General Dentist in San Antonio, Texas that has a "very rich life" that has still had his fair share of challenges. He has published over 80 articles, abstracts, and chapters on a wide range of dental subjects and has coauthored a textbook, Fundamentals of Operative Dentistry – A Contemporary Approach. He recently co-authored a new textbook, Global Diagnosis – A New Vision of Dental Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.

Contacts: www.stoneoakaesthetics.com 

Global Diagnosis Study Club - https://www.actdental.com/gde-home  (Meeting almost every Friday from 9-11 am EST)

Dr. Kevin Groth - General Dentist in Detroit, Michigan who considers both Kirk and Dr. Robbins as mentors as leaders that have guided his life over the past number of months during these COVID challenges. His favorite part of being a dentist is that every day and every patient is different.

Contacts: www.grothdental.com 


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The Most Effective Ways to Get Google Reviews for Your Dental Practice


As you look at finding a way to get more Google Reviews for your dental practice, I am going to encourage you to watch this Best Practices Show Podcast with Bob Sommers.  He points out some brilliant steps that most dental practices overlook.  


If you need more guidance as you begin to analyze your data, don’t forget that my team and I are always here to help, schedule a call today.


The Most Effective Ways to Get Google Reviews for Your Dental Practice

Show Notes Summary:

On this episode of The Best Practices Show, Kirk talks with Bob Sommers, the ‘Likeability Guy’ and creator of the Five Star Review System. They begin by discussing about the importance of Google reviews and why having the right mindset is essential to success.

Instead of going for volume, practices must pursue relationships and allow feedback to come...

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5 Fast Ways To Fill Your Schedule Now


How in the world do you keep your schedule full? This is a question we always get here at ACT Dental, and the problem has taken on a new life in the current Covid climate.

In our recent Best Practices Show, we reviewed five ways to fill your schedule now. Download our incredible resource, click play, and follow along as we dive into the five steps below, sharing how they can help you fill your schedule today!

The 5 Steps To Fill Your Schedule!

1: Get super clear about WHY the schedule is not full in the next few months before you attempt to fill it.

The way you attack your schedule’s openings will differ when you become clear about WHY you have those openings. Was this just because of Covid closers? Is it fear in your patient base that is the main issue? Do some real analysis here before putting a plan into action.

2: Make sure your Morning Huddles are “World Class.”

A great morning huddle can be your single biggest ROI. When moring huddles are working and...

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How To Break The Covid Schedule Cycle

Fall has arrived, and along with it, the scheduling lull that we have been forecasting and acting upon over the past few months. While many offices have worked hard and closed the post-Covid scheduling gap, this challenge is still a top priority for a lot of practices around the country. 

As we are now fully realizing the cyclical effects of the Covid closures, we must be mindful and look forward, recognizing that a lack of stable, consistent action today will lead to this scheduling lull cycling yet again six months down the line. We have watched as our most successful practices have avoided the scheduling gap, and we want to share those tips with you.

Breaking The Cycle

Over the past months, we’ve focused on concrete countermeasures and scheduling policies for reopening. While these strategies are still valid and can help you continue to fill your schedule, now is the time to shift back to some basics. What many teams are realizing is how important it is to have a...

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Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Membership Plan


Over the past few weeks, we've been taking a hard look at the world of dental insurance benefits.  So many of you have reached out, telling me that you’re ready to take the power, and the profits back!

As you begin to gather your data and formulate your plan, don’t forget to research the benefits of an in-house membership plan. A great place to start is with my interview from the Best Practices Show Podcast with Dave Monahan, where we discuss the amazing benefits that these plans offer!


If you need more guidance as you begin to analyze your data, don’t forget that my team and I are always here to help, schedule a call today.


Many dentists are struggling to find payment solutions that fit both their patients and their practice. With PPOs tightening reimbursements, dentists are struggling to manage a...

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The 5 Things To Know Before You Drop A Dental Insurance PPO

If you are beginning to ponder whether or not a transition away from in-network dental insurance participation is the right option for you, there are likely many questions circling around in your mind.

Will I stop getting new patients in the door?

How many patients am I going to lose?

If I lose all the patients with in-network insurance, will I still be ok?

How much production will I lose?

How much money am I going to lose?

It’s a lot to ponder, and you are right, to be pondering these questions.

What I know to be true is that transitioning away from or simply lessening your dependence on dental insurance can be done, and your practice can still thrive! The important thing is to not make this decision hastily. With some solid analysis of practice data, you can make an informed decision, and establish a plan that works best for your practice, your team, and your goals.

So where to begin? The task of transitioning away from heavy insurance participation can seem daunting...

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Where Did My Money Go? Is Dental Insurance Driving Down Profits?

I just ended a phone call with a fantastic dentist in our ACT community who told me, with the most massive dose of sarcasm that I’ve heard in some time, that she was off to do her favorite thing; run the insurance adjustment report to see how much work she did for free this month.

If you're anything like this doctor, and chances are good you are, you know this feeling, the feeling that your profits are being swallowed up by the insurance companies. You know it all too well.

Every dentist I know got into dentistry because they wanted to care for, and improve the lives of their patients. I have yet to talk to an individual who  tells me “I was motivated by the idea of fighting with insurance companies to get an FMX covered more than once every five years,” or “ I got into dentistry for the love of writing narratives to fight for the care that my patients need.” Yet this is the reality for so many. Always fighting with insurance and trying to...

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What's the Secret to Dental Team Accountability? SYSTEMS!

practice systems Sep 14, 2020

Every day we work with dentists who express frustration over a team that fails to meet their expectations. There is the sense that the same issue has been talked about over and over again, yet the delivery of results is never consistent, or always sub-par. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say,  “We just need more accountability.” 

I typically follow this statement up with a request to see the systems that would produce said expectations, and I hear something like “well we’ve talked about it plenty, and my assistant knows what she is supposed to do.” Yeah, sure she does. 

Before you point the finger, turn the thumb.

If you truly want to promote accountability in your dental practice, start with yourself. If your team isn’t delivering the result that you want, ask yourself a few questions?

  • Have I been clear about my expectations and goals?
  • Do we have written agreements about these expectations and goals?...
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How to Avoid the Production Plummet (3 Steps to End the Year Strong) with Xana Winans

Best Practices Show Podcast Episode #232: How to Avoid the Production Plummet (3 Steps to End the Year Strong) with Xana Winans

Our guest on this episode of The Best Practices show is Xana Winans, Founder and CEO of Golden Proportions Marketing. Xana works with Kirk Behrendt and the ACT Dental team often on their marketing plan and strategies, continually encouraging them to adjust and improve their systems and goals.

Xana joins us on this episode to discuss how to avoid the upcoming production plummet and end 2020 strong. She explains that many people inside and outside of the dental industry are viewing the current crisis as COVID, but that the real crisis is actually the recession caused by COVID, which could impact the economy for years to come. She walks viewers and listeners through the 6 stages of every crisis, identifying the manifestations of each of these stages as they are appearing right now. The 6 stages are: warning, risk assessment, react, revise, resolve, recover.

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The Life of a Dental Biomaterial Researcher with Dr. Nate Lawson


Best Practices Show Podcast Episode #231: The Life of a Dental Biomaterial Researcher with Dr. Nate Lawson

Dr. Nate Lawson is here! Nate is the Director of the Division of Biomaterials at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry. He’s published over 150 articles, abstracts, book chapters, and periodicals related to dental materials. He is a researcher, teacher, and a dentist who practices part time. Nate is passionate about biomaterials and research. He also loves teaching and speaking in front of groups. He is always willing to share his knowledge and takes what some might consider boring and make it exciting.

Nate shares his background and how he always knew he’d be a dentist. He went to college for engineering, but ended up on a research project with Dr. John Burgess. This project sparked his love for research and rekindled his love of dentistry. He shares how his journey began and how he ended up in Alabama. Nate also talks about some of...

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