[Infographic] 5 Tips For New Dentists

  1. Leadership And Communication

    Being successful in dentistry requires more than developing your technical skills. Your ability to become a great leader and communicate with your team effectively will directly determine how successful you will be. When you do that, exceptional patient experiences, beautiful dentistry with great patients, and exponential profitability come easier.

  2. Fully Accept That Dentistry Is A Business

    Just like any business you have to have a really strong vision for how you want it to influence the people that employs and serves. A great business is built on finding the right people to execute your vision, developing systems to support those people and watching key numbers to ensure that it grows and making adjustments when it doesn’t.  Quickly find a mentor or a dental consultant and save yourself years of frustration.

  3. Find Out What You Are Good At And Limit Yourself To Those Activities


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5 Essential Steps To Getting Qualified Dental Patients With Facebook Ads

Running a dental practice is no different from running any other kind of business. The same rules apply. You should focus on offering the best services to your patients, value them as primary assets for the success of your business, and constantly try to get ahead of the competition.


But with so many practices fighting for the same patients, gaining an advantage might prove to be a rather difficult task. You’re probably always asking yourself: How can I reach more patients and increase my profits?

Well, one solution would be taking a swing at Facebook ads. True, this is probably the last thing on your mind. You are running a full-time business, after all, and you have more on your plate than you can easily handle. How do you find the time to conceptualize and implement a successful Facebook campaign?

The good news is that it’s not that hard.

Here are the steps you need to take to attract more qualified patients from Facebook ads.

Step #1: Build Your Online...

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How To Get More Patients Into Your Practice: 7 Proven Strategies

new patients Oct 04, 2017

What if I told you I could show you how to get more patients into your practice – even double the current amount?

What if you just had to make some changes to your approach, not double your abudget?

At ACT Dental, we’ve built our reputation on giving our clients real strategies that produce real results without substantially increasing their overhead at the same time. Today’s list of advice is no exception.

How To Get More Patients Into Your Practice In 7 Steps

Even if you’ve spent a lot of time reading other articles and books on the topic, you’ll definitely find something new from our 7 strategies below. Most importantly, it’s actionable advice you can begin using right away.  This process was articulated really well in a fabulous podcast we did on the Best Practices Show recently with Dr. Chris Phelps.  You can listen to it here. 

1. Answer. The. Phone.

This might be the most controversial strategy on the...

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“It Is OVER For Dentists…”

motivation Oct 04, 2017

If you didn’t happen to see this recent development in dental technology, I wanted to go ahead and share it with all of you. Many people who watched this video are predicting the end for dentists and the ultimate commoditization of this great profession. Check it out:

When I was in Switzerland speaking to an amazing Study Club many years ago, a wonderful dentist by the name of Dr. Carlo Marinello shared an interesting concept with me – that dentists would eventually stop delivering treatment and some kind of machine would take over. In short, dentists would stop doing procedures altogether. He believed a robotic disruption like this would lead to more accurate and efficient dentistry. And in the longer term there would come a day in which digital technology takes over most of the treatment planning and delivery process as well.

I was horrified when he shared this thought with me. But in the same breath, he shared something else just as profound,...

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4 Proven Patient Engagement Strategies You Should Be Using

communication Oct 03, 2017
Fact: Your job as an oral health provider is to ensure that your patients receive only the best treatment.
No one can deny the importance of providing quality service when it comes to growing a business in the health sector, or any other field for that matter.


But here’s the thing: your relationship with your patients extends beyond the minutes they are spending in your chair getting their teeth cleaned or fixed. You also need to engage with them outside your business hours, help them become actively involved with the health of their teeth, encourage them to come to routine appointments, and convince them to accept your recommendations.


Your dental practice doesn’t exist in a void. It’s a living organism that evolves and grows. And, just like any other living thing, it feeds on interactions with those around it.


With that in mind, here are a few patient engagement strategies you...
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3 Questions Every Dentist Should Ask Before Hiring A Dental Consultant

communication leadership Sep 26, 2017

Many dentists stress greatly over the idea of hiring a dental consultant to help them improve the conditions and culture in their practices. And they should. It is a very big decision.

Think about it, you are going to bring in a stranger (from the outside) to help you improve the business that you, your team members, and their dependents rely on. They are going to advise you and your team on how to do what you do every day – and make it better over time. They are going to be with you for many months, sometimes even years. It’s a big investment of time, mental energy, and financial resources.

The Key Is To Make An Informed Decision From The Beginning.

Making a bad investment could spell disaster, or you might have to spend years trying to re-wire that experience in your office. Worse yet, bringing in the wrong advisor could send you into a negative spiral whenever you hear the word “consultant” – a reminder of the investment and how it didn’t...

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Score Big With Systems

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2017


Kirk: Hey, Kirk here and I’m in a bowling alley. You might be wondering why, but there’s some really amazing stuff going on here. There’s 32 lanes in this bowling alley and can you imagine setting up all these pins?

Announcer: Well, think about doing this night and day for dozens of bowlers at once.

Kirk: I can’t.

Announcer: That’s exactly what the famous AMF Automatic Pin Spotter does quickly and accurately.

Kirk: It was unbelievable. The systems set up the pins by themselves.

Announcer: Have you noticed how fast the ball is returned to him and he’s ready to bowl again?

Kirk: This little film is funny because people were amazed that the ball would get sent back on its own and the pins would be set up automatically. Now we take it for granted because it’s a system that happens all the time. And it allows businesses to become productive, profitable, and very predictable, which is ultimately what dentists need more than anything, high...

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Two Important Transitions For A Rewarding Dental Career

leadership motivation Aug 28, 2017


After many years of hard work, you graduated from dental school ready to treat patients and be the first line of defense in their overall physical health. For most in dentistry, this means heading out into the world to practice newly learned clinical skills as an associate in an established practice. A few recent graduates will try their hand at starting a new practice if the right opportunity presents itself. Regardless which direction you choose, the first 5-7 years of your career is a time for you to prove your mettle as a clinician and continue to hone your technical prowess.

But where do you go after that? What happens when you’ve improved your clinical efficiencies and prep times? Where do you turn when you begin to reimagine your role beyond the practicing dentist?

I don’t have all the answers for you and each doctor’s experience will be different, but I do know there are two critical transitions every dentist must make in order to...

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The Single Fastest Way To Grow Your Dental Practice Year Over Year…And It Is Not What You Think.

leadership motivation Aug 21, 2017

In a world of so much noise and information overload you are probably looking for an edge to grow your practice every year. Owning a dental practice requires you to be on the lookout for new ways to grow. DSOs seem to be popping up everywhere, the costs of doing business are rising, dental insurance carriers are constantly changing the rules for your patients, mid-level providers are now apparently making dentistry look like a commodity. All of this can make you crazy and send you into a downward spiral thinking, “Where do I start?”

You have probably tried just about everything to grow your practice. You hired a marketing company, you sent out postcards, you signed up for a few less desirable insurances, you brought in new technology, you hired a new amazing front desk person, you even splurged for a bigger sign in front of your practice; all to be a catalyst for some growth.

Ultimately, these efforts probably made some kind of an impact on the growth of your practice,...

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Get Them Scheduled! Tips For Appointing Apprehensive Patients


What does dentistry have to do with coffee mugs? Take a look at our example in the video, and ask yourself:

“How well are we conveying the value of our dental expertise?”

While we can’t choose treatment for patients, we can present the benefits that influence their decisions to move forward.

Remember, patient apprehensions are typically centered around time, money or pain.

With a carefully crafted message and strategized language, we can get them past those apprehensions, and into the chair!

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