5 Fast Ways To Fill Your Schedule Now


How in the world do you keep your schedule full? This is a question we always get here at ACT Dental, and the problem has taken on a new life in the current Covid climate.

In our recent Best Practices Show, we reviewed five ways to fill your schedule now. Download our incredible resource, click play, and follow along as we dive into the five steps below, sharing how they can help you fill your schedule today!

The 5 Steps To Fill Your Schedule!

1: Get super clear about WHY the schedule is not full in the next few months before you attempt to fill it.

The way you attack your schedule’s openings will differ when you become clear about WHY you have those openings. Was this just because of Covid closers? Is it fear in your patient base that is the main issue? Do some real analysis here before putting a plan into action.

2: Make sure your Morning Huddles are “World Class.”

A great morning huddle can be your single biggest ROI. When moring huddles are working and...

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Squirrel! Or, How I Learned To Stay Focused At Work

productivity Mar 02, 2020

It’s way too easy to get distracted by squirrels.

No, not the furry little rodents – although if you’ve ever seen them outside your office window, they are pretty amusing to watch. “Squirrels” are those little distractions that seemingly pop up out of nowhere, completely derailing your ability to work.

You can be working, minding your own business, when poof! A squirrel arrives to distract you. Then another appears. And another. And another! Pretty soon, you forget what you were working on in the first place.

Squirrels come in all different shapes and sizes. A squirrel could come in the form of a team member sharing a crazy story in the break room. Maybe it’s an email notification popping up that your Amazon order has shipped. Perhaps the business renting out a nearby suite is doing construction. Squirrels are a part of everyday life, and you have to learn how to squash them when they inevitably arrive.

So, how do you deal with squirrels? Grab...

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The Best-Kept Secret In Dentistry

productivity Jan 14, 2019

When you consider some of the most well-known businesses in the world, such as Amazon, Netflix and Apple, it’s clear that their success is defined by an essential product they are all selling: time.

Amazon can get a package to your door in just a couple days, Netflix allows you to browse thousands of titles in seconds. Apple offers high-tech products that enable you to connect with your friends, family and the world around you in an instant. The most successful products are the ones that help you maximize your time. In the same way, the most successful people are those who maximize their own time.

We all have the same number of hours in a day to work with, but the most successful people are intentional about how they use it. The real secret of successful dentists lies in how they manage their time. Increasing your success doesn’t mean that you have to increase the time you spend working. In fact, the real key might be to take more time off for your own rest and...

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The Hidden Secret To Increasing Your Productivity By 21%, And It’s Not What You Think.

Would you want your dental practice to produce 21% more next year? Of course you would.  I think every dentist would answer “YES” to this question.

Your next question would be, “How do I do that?”

And you might think the answer to this question is…

  • Expand your capacity and be open a few evenings

  • Super-charge your marketing efforts

  • Sell more crowns

  • Add a few more PPOs

  • Add an associate

  • Or better yet, add another operatory or two

While these can all drive productivity (maybe), these strategies don’t predict increased productivity as well as research shows one other secret does.  Here is the hidden secret:

Higher Employee Engagement

Research shows that companies with higher than average employee engagement levels benefit from 21% higher productivity.

But the cool thing is that the benefits don’t stop there with Higher Employee Engagement.  They cascade into a few other important statistics:...

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9 Treatment Options For The Most Difficult Dental Patients

productivity Jan 02, 2018

Most dentists would agree that wear patients are the most difficult dental patients to treat. Yet, you probably see such patients on a regular basis, so there’s no avoiding the fact that you need to understand how to help them.

In a recent episode of The Best Practices ShowDr. Bill Robbins shared some incredible insight on the thought process behind this major challenge in restorative dentistry.  If you want to watch the entire interview, you can view it here.  Fortunately, there are actually nine ways you can treat these patients, which he shares that cover every unique situation you encounter with those patients you care so much about.

9 Ways To Treat The Most Difficult Dental Patients

Although there are nine ways to treat the most difficult dental patients in total, we can break them down into three subgroups. These first five will refer to specific situations. Then, we’ll cover three general approaches that will work for most...

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Stay On Target

motivation productivity Aug 05, 2013

Have you ever thought of your life as an ongoing game of target practice?

With all the parts you have to keep in order, the target concept is a great way of maintaining focus.
[tweet “What parts of your life do you keep in the bullseye?”]

For me, productivity, family and health are at the center.

The cool part? You get to choose which of your daily activities are worth the most points!

Sometimes my focus strays. Instead of being productive, I get caught up in email, facebook, and distractions way outside the lines of my target. Those are the days I come home and wonder where time went, and why I just didn’t seem to accomplish much.

Take some time to think about what is most important to you. Now picture those points in the center of your target and take aim…that bullseye brings the biggest rewards!

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Checklists For Your Dental Practice

organization productivity Apr 12, 2013

Did you know checklists improve efficiency 3-fold?

You’ll also be 5 times as accurate when you use checklists in your Dental Practice.

It’s kind of like going to the grocery store. If you bring a list, you’ll spend far less time wandering the aisles, and you’re certain to leave with everything you came for.

There are 5 areas your practice will benefit from using a strategic checklist:

So start creating checklists for every area of your practice, and make the day easier and more efficient for the whole team!

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