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Follow This 1 Beacon to Practice Success

You’re faced with challenges and decisions on a daily basis, and it’s easy to lose your way while trying to navigate them all. Just like a lighthouse leads a boat to safety, you need a beacon to guide you toward success, and that beacon is your core values. We LOVE core values here at ACT, and it’s likely

736: The 5 Stages of My Dentistry Journey – Dr. Christian Coachman

Successful people experience adversity — and they learn to embrace it! Today, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Christian Coachman, founder of Digital Smile Design and one of the most successful people in dentistry, to share his inspirational story about overcoming his hardships, the origins of DSD, and his passion and love for this profession. We all struggle at some point in life. But you can get the most out of your suffering! To learn how to succeed at struggling, listen to Episode 736 of The Best Practices Show!

735: Unlock the Secrets to a Thriving Dental Practice: Mastering the New Patient Experience! – Miranda Beeson

Patients don't love being in the office. So, how do you get them to come in — and to come back? There are two things you can focus on for that to happen, and Kirk Behrendt brings back Miranda Beeson, ACT’s director of education and amazing coach, to share those secrets. By mastering the new patient phone call and new patient visit, you will create raving fans who help your practice thrive. To learn how to give patients the “wow” experience, listen to Episode 735 of The Best Practices Show!

Want to Fix Your Practice? Get Away From it Once in Awhile.

There is a saying we often use here at ACT, “You can’t fix the place while it is flying.” Obviously, but we see dentists every day wondering why progress is so hard to achieve. Yet these same frustrated dentists are seeing patients around the clock, rarely setting aside time for team meetings much less time for them to think strategically. Quite frankly, dentists can’t work ON their practice while they are working IN the practice. There is a certain mindset needed for successful day to day operations of your practice and a completely different mindset to think strategically about the long term vision for your practice and the path to get there. I experienced both these mindsets last week. Let me share.

Leadership Strategies: Go Beyond Training & Develop Team Members

Every dental practice owner knows a happy, skilled team is the backbone of success. But how do you ensure your team has the tools they need to thrive? Here's the secret weapon: understanding the difference between training and development. Training is a foundation. It equips your team with the essential skills to perform their jobs effectively. This might involve learning new software, mastering sterilization protocols, or perfecting a specific technique. Training is prescriptive, offering clear instructions on "how" to do things. Development goes a step further. It's about nurturing your team's potential and fostering long-term growth. This involves problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and the ability to adapt to new situations. Development programs encourage an "agile" mindset, where your team can think creatively to find solutions. Are you fostering an environment where your team can flourish professionally and personally? As one of our docs likes to say: "training is something you do to a dog; to develop is human." Training is a great starting point, but don't stop there. Invest in your team's development to build a future-proof practice!

734: Chronic Oral Wounds in Your Dental Practice – Tanya Dunlap

Getting patients healthy is your number-one role. But are you focusing on the disease that matters most? It’s time to address the most undiagnosed and untreated condition — gum disease — and now there's an easier way. To help you start the conversation, Kirk Behrendt brings in Tanya Dunlap, vice president of Perio Protect, to showcase Perio Tray, a convenient way to treat, prevent, and manage gum disease. To learn more about Perio Tray and how it can improve your patients’ lives, listen to Episode 734 of The Best Practices Show!

733: Health Habits to Wind Down for Deep Sleep – Dr. Uche Odiatu & Loren King

Are you exhausted before the day is done? Do you wish you had more sleep? Better health, a better life — even being a better dental professional — is tied to a more restful night. To help you be your best self at home and the office, Kirk Behrendt brings back one of ACT’s favorite health and wellness gurus, Dr. Uche Odiatu, and Loren King, an international speaker, life coach, and dental hygienist, to reveal a few simple hacks and habits to start sleeping better today. To learn the foundation for better sleep, listen to Episode 733 of The Best Practices Show!

732: Empowering the Owner-Associate Synergy – Dr. Sean Bahrami

For a practice to be successful, it needs great owner-associate synergy. But how do you find the right owner or associate? To guide both sides through this process, Kirk Behrendt brings in Dr. Sean Bahrami, founder of Dental Wellness Society, to share his strategies for becoming and finding the ideal candidate. To learn the secrets to a successful owner-associate relationship, listen to Episode 732 of The Best Practices Show!

Enhance Patient Care: By Ditching "Just" & "Little"

Language is powerful and in your dental practice, it can shape both patient experiences and team dynamics. Seemingly harmless words can have a minimizing effect on your message—and its impact. Take words like "just" and "little:"

731: Turning the Numbers into Dollars: Data Mastery in Your Practice! – Dr. Barrett Straub

Do you hate tracking numbers? Are you confused about what to track and why you need to track them? To help you change that, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Barrett Straub, ACT’s CEO, with another framework for mastering the key data in your practice. Start making better business decisions with the help of data! To learn which numbers to track and countermeasures to improve your profitability and culture, listen to Episode 731 of The Best Practices Show!

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