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Sep 1

Master Class with Dr. Michael Gunson | September 1, 2023

September 1 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Two-hour Master Class lecture by Dr. Michael Gunson | Healthy Faces Breathe, Eat, and Communicate Beautifully


  • How to define a healthy facial system
  • How to identify unhealthy growth patterns and the effects they have on the face, bite and airway
  • Learn decompensation and restoration strategies for young and old patients with these unhealthy growth patterns
  • Learn how orthognathic surgery can dramatically improve facial esthetics and function including dramatic airway changes

Course Description:

The face is an incredibly complicated system and its function is absolutely integral to overall health. Modern society doesn’t usually describe faces as healthy but instead focuses mostly on esthetics. An esthetic face is actually the result of a healthy face. Modern treatment techniques, such as virtual orthodontics planning, 3D facial analysis, virtual orthognathic surgery or Digital Smile Design, mainly focus on the form and position of parts. True facial health and facial esthetic treatment not only requires the correct form and position of its parts but the diagnosis and treatment of facial function. Clinicians need to understand the purpose and function of the face (lips, chin, cheeks teeth, joints) and all of their functional interactions to properly and consistently achieve treatment results that are healthy and esthetic.

In this lecture, we will discuss the purpose of the face, how the face accomplishes its purpose and how unhealthy growth and development negatively affect esthetics and function. Treatment planning for facial health will also be discussed.


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