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2 Solutions For Every Problem

cancellations communication kirk knowledge morning huddle problem solving scheduling verbal skills Sep 20, 2022

There Are Two Solutions for Every Problem

A lot of people think running a front desk is easy. Those people clearly aren’t receptionists. Running a front desk is harder than it looks! Believe me, I’ve tried it. And you do NOT want me as your receptionist. If you let me behind the desk, the whole building will burn down!

Too many dentists take their admin team members for granted. They’re thrown into the fire and expected to figure things out on the fly. Running a front desk is one of the hardest jobs in dentistry, yet admin team members receive the least amount of training. Dentists go to dental school. Hygienists go to hygiene school. There’s no school for teaching you how to solve other people’s problems! That’s exactly what your admin team does. They’re solving YOUR problems, so you gotta help them out.

It can feel like patients are throwing grenades from every direction. But when you think about it, those grenades are just the same five or six problems repeated over and over again.

Let’s turn this into a game. Write one problem on a notecard, then write two solutions on the back. Create a whole stack of notecards your admin team can pull from next time they encounter a problem. The solution will already be written down! The admin team wants to succeed. Notecards encourage you to brainstorm together and create scalable consistency when it’s time to expand your practice.

Watch this video to see the notecard game put into action!

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