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Early Is The New On Time

Did you know the clock on Lambeau Field is 15 minutes ahead? It’s not broken—they set it ahead on purpose. That’s because early is the new on time.

Let’s say an appointment is scheduled for nine o’clock. If you roll in right at nine, you’re already late. Dentists who aim for the exact start time have a tendency to fall behind schedule. The patient arrived 10 minutes before the appointment as they were supposed to. What’re another seven minutes of waiting?

I’ll tell you what—patients don’t respect dentists who always show up late. A patient takes time out of their day to visit your office, and they’re stuck in the waiting room. What’s even more frustrating is when the receptionist walks up and says, “Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s a Starbucks gift card for your troubles.”

Patients don’t want a consolation prize. They want you to keep your promises.

Don’t walk into the exam room at nine o’clock sharp. Show patients, you care by arriving early to their appointments. You’ll gain their respect and set the bar high for quality care. Time is the most stolen asset, and you can’t return it.

Check out my latest video on what happens when you’re late. Your team will have lots to say about this!

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