Embrace Quadrant Dentistry; Make Sucktember Your Best Month Ever!

practice management Jul 27, 2020

Fall is coming and you know what that means...football season, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and every dentist’s favorite -- Sucktember (dun dun dunnn…). For the ACT Dental coaching team, this means calls from doctors that are constantly asking, “what can I do to increase the efficiency and productivity of my practice?” This year, as practices around the country brace for the potential of slower than usual fall schedules, this question becomes particularly pertinent. 

A quick internet search on the topics of increasing production and efficiency in the dental office will produce hundreds of articles and a multitude of checklists offering tips on how to improve these items. Most will talk about transitioning to a paperless environment, having systems in place, hiring and training the right team members, and learning how automation can benefit your team. 

These are all great. These all take a lot of time. 

So what can you do today, and tomorrow, that...

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