11/20/20 - Update from the ADA and HR with Dr. Rich Rosato of the ADA and Robyn Reis from Bent Ericksen

11/20/20 - Due to the large number of questions we have been getting from clients and reading on the Facebook pages, we are hosted a 1 hour "Quick ADA and HR Update" involving Dr. Richard Rosato from the ADA and Robyn Reis from Bent Ericksen (Our HR Expert).  Click the video above to see what they had to say.  Stay tuned for more updates.
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The Dilemma of Digital Dentistry



On this episode of The Best Practices Show, host Kirk and co-host Kevin spend time with Dr. John Cranham, a full-time dentist and also a lecturer, to discuss the digital dilemma, the transition and cost of going digital in dentistry. John begins by addressing the reason for going digital. The hope in going digital is that your quality and your efficiency will improve once you make the transition. He emphasizes that all of the technological advancements make this is an exciting time to be in the field of dentistry.

One important point John makes in regard to the digital transition and advancements, is how important analog experience is. The ultimate work that is done in dentistry is analog work and the former way of taking molds and doing models gave you practice that prepared you for the work to be done in the dental procedures but doing scans and models digitally, takes away that opportunity. 

John goes on to share that there...

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Leading Through Times Of Crisis; How to Keep Your Team Engaged

Speaking in certainties has become difficult lately. One of the few things I can say with confidence is I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. While this has always been true, the past months have amplified this reality. Coming face to face with this begs the question, how does a true leader grapple with the unknown while simultaneously stepping up and providing the clarity and safety a team needs to stay aligned and engaged? 

Here at ACT, we have always helped leaders build cultures filled with committed and engaged team members. We know the real advantage this provides. Recently, we have seen some individuals forget about the importance of fostering high employee engagement, and with good reason; the challenges and decisions we all face seem never to end. Yet as I sat back, listening during our weekly team meeting to the questions, ideas, and struggles that our team has been working through, I was reminded of something.  An engaged team brings a commitment to each...

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Authentic Secrets to Create a Comprehensive Dental Practice




On this episode of The Best Practices Show, Kirk and Kevin spend time talking with Dr. Joshua Austin. Initially, Josh points out that he strives to always be authentic because he doesn’t want others to think that he’s anything other than a normal comprehensive dentist. It’s easy to look at social media and assume that because you aren’t doing big complex cases, that you aren’t a good dentist and Josh encourages listeners that this isn’t true.

Josh goes on to explain that comprehensive dentistry should be a goal for everyone. For the sake of your patients, you want to be able to offer those services to them. Both Josh and Kevin recommend educational courses as a way to work towards comprehensive dentistry. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of having a mentor. In regard to the cost of continuing education, such as Seattle Study...

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5 Ways to Reduce PPO Dependency in Your Dental Practice



In this episode of The Best Practices Show, Kirk talks with Jenni Poulos, a lead practice coach at ACT Dental. Kirk and Jenni discuss three important frameworks, the first being "E-R=C" (Expectation minus Reality equals Conflict). It’s important to make sure what the patients expect to happen and what actually happens when they come, are consistent. This framework is one that is helpful to constantly refer back to.

The second framework is Ask, Listen, and Repeat. Building trust and great relationships is accomplished by seeking to understand the patient, and this is easily accomplished when following the three-step process. The third framework is Language Creates Value. How well you communicate your services and how qualified your team is, will determine how much your patients value your practice.

The 5 steps for reducing dependency on dental PPO includes considering your readiness. You are able to determine your readiness by...

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5 Fast Ways To Fill Your Schedule Now


How in the world do you keep your schedule full? This is a question we always get here at ACT Dental, and the problem has taken on a new life in the current Covid climate.

In our recent Best Practices Show, we reviewed five ways to fill your schedule now. Download our incredible resource, click play, and follow along as we dive into the five steps below, sharing how they can help you fill your schedule today!

The 5 Steps To Fill Your Schedule!

1: Get super clear about WHY the schedule is not full in the next few months before you attempt to fill it.

The way you attack your schedule’s openings will differ when you become clear about WHY you have those openings. Was this just because of Covid closers? Is it fear in your patient base that is the main issue? Do some real analysis here before putting a plan into action.

2: Make sure your Morning Huddles are “World Class.”

A great morning huddle can be your single biggest ROI. When moring huddles are working and...

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The 5 Things To Know Before You Drop A Dental Insurance PPO

If you are beginning to ponder whether or not a transition away from in-network dental insurance participation is the right option for you, there are likely many questions circling around in your mind.

Will I stop getting new patients in the door?

How many patients am I going to lose?

If I lose all the patients with in-network insurance, will I still be ok?

How much production will I lose?

How much money am I going to lose?

It’s a lot to ponder, and you are right, to be pondering these questions.

What I know to be true is that transitioning away from or simply lessening your dependence on dental insurance can be done, and your practice can still thrive! The important thing is to not make this decision hastily. With some solid analysis of practice data, you can make an informed decision, and establish a plan that works best for your practice, your team, and your goals.

So where to begin? The task of transitioning away from heavy insurance participation can seem daunting...

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Embrace Quadrant Dentistry; Make Sucktember Your Best Month Ever!

practice management Jul 27, 2020

Fall is coming and you know what that means...football season, pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, and every dentist’s favorite -- Sucktember (dun dun dunnn…). For the ACT Dental coaching team, this means calls from doctors that are constantly asking, “what can I do to increase the efficiency and productivity of my practice?” This year, as practices around the country brace for the potential of slower than usual fall schedules, this question becomes particularly pertinent. 

A quick internet search on the topics of increasing production and efficiency in the dental office will produce hundreds of articles and a multitude of checklists offering tips on how to improve these items. Most will talk about transitioning to a paperless environment, having systems in place, hiring and training the right team members, and learning how automation can benefit your team. 

These are all great. These all take a lot of time. 

So what can you do today, and tomorrow, that...

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