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How to Unify Through a Uniform

community fun morning huddle swag teamwork unify Oct 04, 2022

Your team needs a uniform. I don’t mean scrubs—a uniform is so much more than what you wear to work. I’m talking T-shirts, hoodies, pens, water bottles, and even trash cans! Anything with your practice’s name on it is part of the uniform (or swag as I like to call it).

Do your teammates seem unmotivated? Sounds like they could use some swag.
Swag bonds you not just to the company, but to the team. Some teams love their swag so much, they wear it with pride outside the office. When you grab drinks together, other people at the bar should be able to tell you all work at the same place. A cool design can even make people want to join your practice!

Swag isn’t just for teammates, either. Patients love to rep their dentists by sporting T-shirts with catchy slogans. It helps them feel connected to your dental family. Patients and teammates become part of something bigger than themselves and contribute to a culture of supporting one another.
Now you might be wondering, “Does ACT have swag?” Of course, we’ve got swag! See how our team rocks their ACT gear.

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