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What Will You Do With Your Dash?

motivation Aug 14, 2013

When you look at a grave marker, what’s the first thing you notice? The name? The age of the deceased?

There is often one tiny mark we overlook. And it’s the most important mark on the stone.

It’s the dash between the birth and death dates…the symbol that represents the entirety of that person’s life.

Regardless of when we are born and how long we live, we all get a dash.
Everything that defines who we are, what we accomplish and how we are remembered is contained in it.

What are you doing with yours? How does it affect your dental patient satisfaction?

The problem is a lot of us get caught up in the numbers. We tend to measure a life’s value by its length.

The same thing happens when we consider the number of hours we work, or the days we spend on vacation. There is a dash between those numbers too!

Dentists can choose to work whatever hours they want. But what’s most important is what they do with their “daily” dash. How many people did you help today? What kind of impact did you have on someone’s life?

So don’t get caught up in the numbers. They aren’t as nearly as important as that little mark between them.

Begin making the most of yours today, and I’ll see you next time…but definitely not in a cemetery!

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