The Hidden Secret To Increasing Your Productivity By 21%, And It’s Not What You Think.

Would you want your dental practice to produce 21% more next year? Of course you would.  I think every dentist would answer “YES” to this question.

Your next question would be, “How do I do that?”

And you might think the answer to this question is…

  • Expand your capacity and be open a few evenings

  • Super-charge your marketing efforts

  • Sell more crowns

  • Add a few more PPOs

  • Add an associate

  • Or better yet, add another operatory or two

While these can all drive productivity (maybe), these strategies don’t predict increased productivity as well as research shows one other secret does.  Here is the hidden secret:

Higher Employee Engagement

Research shows that companies with higher than average employee engagement levels benefit from 21% higher productivity.

But the cool thing is that the benefits don’t stop there with Higher Employee Engagement.  They cascade into a few other important statistics:...

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Dental Coding: What You Need To Know To Keep Your Practice Compliant

practice systems Nov 01, 2018

Compliance with regulations is important in nearly every industry. But the confusing Current Dental Terminology (CDT) coding can make life difficult, especially when you’re navigating all the other complex issues you face while running your practice.

CDT codes are constantly changing and they aren’t always easy to understand. However, it’s essential that you learn as much about dental coding as possible if you want to ensure compliance and keep your billing process as seamless and straightforward as possible.

I understand what can happen when you don’t learn about how to navigate CDT codes. That’s why I’m dedicated to educating others about this important topic so that they can maximize their legitimate reimbursement and minimize the risk. It may be a difficult topic to understand, but CDT coding is one of the most important issues affecting your practice.

Background On Code Changing

In the early 2000s, there was a dispute between the...

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The Single Most Important Thing You Will Ever Do In Business

motivation Oct 25, 2018

I am going to give you the ONE secret to running an amazing dental practice, and yes, it’s greater than a brilliant idea or a game-changing technology or a new world class talent. In my 25 years of coaching great dental teams, the success that we see always comes back to this idea.

The single most important thing you will ever do in your business is define and live by a short list of core values. To create them. To give language to them. To evaluate them. To re-write them. And, finally, to LIVE by them (this is always the hardest part).

Nothing else will give you a bigger ROI when it comes to a healthy, happy and successful career in dentistry than doing the hard work of clearly defining your core values.

Let Me Explain Why…

Our practice core values are the non-negotiable behaviors that we live by every day as a team. They become the laws that govern how we treat each other. They become the swim lanes for our motions moving forward. If implemented correctly,...

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6 Major Scheduling Mistakes You’re Making Right Now In Your Practice

scheduling Oct 18, 2018

6 Major Scheduling Mistakes You’re Making Right Now in Your Practice

Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of operating a successful dental office. I think “Time is the new Rich.” Those who learn how to control their time and give their best energy to the things that matter most live happier, more fulfilled lives. No question about that.  In dentistry, it’s no different—when your schedule takes over your life, it can feel quite overwhelming, and you can end up frustrated with everyone and everything around you.

Having a proper perspective on your schedule, is critical to you enjoying your practice as a dental professional.  It is less about the number of hours you work per week, but rather what goes in those hours instead. We coach dentists all the time that the key to a Better Practice and a Better Life isn’t about working harder, it’s about “Thinking Better.”

Here are the 6 major scheduling...

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6 Things TO NEVER DO When Collecting Fees From Patients

When you build a successful dental practice, you must have healthy arrangements around cash and the expectations around it. It’s not all about the money—it’s about the predictability that the money provides, and that is what you need more than the money.

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your patients requires you and your team to train them how to behave at your practice. We coach dentists and team members one very important principle,


And this means that you have to train patients how to behave in your practice.  As dental teams, we train patients how to pay, how to behave, how to show up for appointments, etc.  If patients don’t pay for dentistry, it is not their fault. It is yours. Failure to train patients to pay their full balance—and to pay it on time—is bound to cause long-term problems at your office, and these problems are bigger than money problems.

Cash is to your...

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Do My Dental Practice Systems Work?

practice systems May 15, 2018

This Is How It Works

You have to have great dental systems in place in your practice, because when you have great systems in place, it allows for predictability. Good dental practice systems help you establish and expect outcomes.

Now, the systems you currently have in place are perfect, meaning that they’re functioning exactly the way you designed them to function. If people don’t pay in your office, it’s because you have trained them that it’s all right not to pay. If people cancel on you, it’s because you’ve trained them to believe that it’s okay to cancel.

We teach people how to treat us—we teach them how to behave, and we teach them how to show up.

Rules Result In Happy Customers

When I fly, I don’t get to the airport and say, “Hey, good to see you guys. I do this all the time, so I’m going to go around security and I’m going to go to the gate, get on my flight and find my own seat.”

At the...

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12 Tips For Successfully Using Group Interviews To Hire Team Members For Your Dental Practice

leadership teamwork Jan 17, 2018

With variable retention rates and Gen Y entering the workforce full-throttle, today’s business owners and management find hiring new team members a time-consuming, but necessary task. The desire to streamline the hiring process is at an all-time high, and while there are many strategies to do so, group interviews are becoming an efficiency trend.


Not only do group interviews provide prospective employees with job information, duties, and company missions, they give tremendous insight into how potential candidates interact with employers, coworkers, and fellow prospects competing for the job.

When you’re in crunch time trying to fill a position, and many prospects on paper have similar educational backgrounds or job experiences, it is critical to pick out the ones that somewhat “mirror” the core values of your practice through a group interview. Here, we’ve provided 12 tips to enhance your group interview experience and ease your hiring process.


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4 Strategies For Transforming Your Front Office Team

Your front office team represents the face of your practice. Because they’re often the first people your patients will interact with, and the communication medium for appointment scheduling and customer service, properly training your front office team is imperative to your office’s success. Read this article to discover how to increase productivity with your front office team.


Improve Your Hiring Techniques

Improving your team’s efficiency starts with the hiring process. When interviewing potential candidates for front office positions, clarify your expectations for short, and long-term development. Outline the specific goals and tasks you’d like to improve, as well as the timeline to illustrate when you hope to achieve them. Before employment, enhancing a prospect’s knowledge-base regarding acceptable insurance plans, training them with company software and phone systems, and bettering their understanding of dental procedures are all ways to...

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7 Inexpensive Methods For Increasing The Number Of Your New Patients

new patients Jan 08, 2018

Dental practices are continually faced with the challenge of attracting and retaining new patients. In today’s competitive market, where providers see substantially less patient traffic than in years past, what makes one practice more desirable than another? How can a provider bring in fresh revenue? While there’s no magic to adding hundreds of patients to your practice instantly, there are multiple strategies you can implement to expand your monthly and annual patient base. What’s better? You don’t have to spend a ton of money to do so — just use these seven tips to get started.

Pick Up The Phone

According to Dr. Christopher Phelps, up to a third of new patient calls are never answered by an office team, and it’s easy to understand why. Universally, the small, collaborative groups running a private dental practice almost always have their plates full. However, data has illustrated that many new patients call during office downtime or busy time,...

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How To Create An Attractive Ad For The Best Prospects In Your Practice

communication leadership Jan 05, 2018

A collaborative, efficient team dynamic is critical to the success of a dental practice. However, “how” to build such a team is often an elusive concept. One of the most common questions we hear from clients is, “How do I hire the right people?”


In a previous post, we shared some key takeaways from Kirk Behrendt’s recent discussion with Dr. Ken Allen in episode #1 of our podcast. In that episode, Kirk asked Dr. Allen to share some tips on hiring the best dental team members. Here we’ll delve a little deeper, and review a particular step of the hiring process that is often overlooked – writing a great ad. Read on to learn about the structure of attractive job advertisements, and how their proper assembly can draw top-notch potential to your dental practice.

The Anatomy Of A Great Ad

Creative – Don’t restrict yourself to operating within the box of job ad standards – people naturally gravitate toward original...

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