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665: Treatment Planning & Digital Are Not the Same Thing! – Dr. Jeff Rouse

If you're new in the digital space, there's one thing you should know: digital smile design and treatment planning are not the same thing! To explain how they're different and why the confusion is one of his biggest pet peeves, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Jeff Rouse from Spear Education with advice for using digital and analog in your treatment planning process. Analog isn't outdated just yet! To learn why the best dentists still use analog, listen to Episode 665 of The Best Practices Show!

Dentists Are NOT Used Car Salesmen!

In the patient’s mind, dentists are like used car salesmen. They think you’re just trying to sell them something! You know that’s not true. After all, you didn’t go into dentistry to make money. You did it to help people!

663: How to Make Clear Aligners Profitable - Allison LaCoursiere

Whether you offer clear aligners in your practice or you’ve been thinking about it, Allison LaCoursiere has tips on how to bring them into your practice efficiently, get your patients to overcome cost barriers and how to make it profitable. Learn more in Episode 663 of The Best Practices Show!

3 Strategies to Help You Say NO!

For all dentists and leaders, there will come a time when conflict arises, and you have to say the word that’s so difficult for so many of us: “No!” We’ve been conditioned to think that always saying “Yes” is a good thing, and while it’s certainly important, agreeing to everything will cause the dam to burst and

662: Work Less, Earn More: The Dentist’s Blueprint to a Dream Practice & Life – Dr. Barrett Straub

Do you find yourself working harder and harder, but earning less and less? If you're feeling overworked and overwhelmed, don't miss this episode! Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Barrett Straub, ACT’s CEO, to share their blueprint for working less and earning more. Don't become a statistic — create your dream practice! Listen to Episode 662 of The Best Practices Show to start writing off less and enjoy dentistry more!

The Cost of Open Chair Time in Your Dental Office

Imagine this: your receptionist walks into your office. They say you’ve got a cancellation for today. Finally, you get to take a break! You might even use the extra time to catch up on all the things you’ve been putting off.

659: 5 Data Secrets to a Thriving Practice – Dr. Barrett Straub & Miranda Beeson

If you want your practice to grow, you need data. But how do you know which numbers to look at? To demystify the data you need, Kirk Behrendt brings in Dr. Barrett Straub, ACT’s CEO, and Miranda Beeson, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, to share five data secrets for a thriving practice. Make informed decisions with data, not feelings! To learn which numbers to start tracking and why they matter to your practice, listen to Episode 659 of The Best Practices Show!

658: Better Connections Faster - Dr. Gary Sanchez

Discovering your WHY - why you do what you do - not only helps you build strong connections with others, including your team members and patients, but it also helps you discover and drive your passion. Dr. Gary Sanchez walks us through how to do it and the 9 WHYs so you can start connecting today.To learn how to listen to Episode 658 of The Best Practices Show!

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