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Dentists always wanna talk strategy. How can they make more money? Increase their patients? Expand into new locations?
In the second half of this two-part episode, Kirk Behrendt and Dr. Christian Coachman return with Dr. Bill Robbins, one of dentistry’s brilliant teachers, to share what it takes to master the art of teaching and the difference in teaching versus presenting a beautiful dental case. Great teachers aren't made overnight! To learn the secrets to becoming an effective and inspirational teacher, listen to Episode 624 of The Best Practices Show!
You spend 30% of your life working, and that’s a significant amount of time to spend with your work family and away from your actual family. We tend to spend a lot of that time thinking about our lives outside of our workplace obligations, which is why it’s important to find a healthy balance between the two halves of your existence. Dentists have classically been misled to believe that expanding hours is the path to attracting patients and doing more dentistry, but that’s not true. Like Kirk says over and over, “Time is the new rich,” because the people who have control over their time are the ones with the most freedom. This can be a reality for you too, and it starts with changing your hours.
Every great mind is taught by brilliant teachers. In this two-part episode, Kirk Behrendt and Dr. Christian Coachman brings back one of those brilliant teachers, Dr. Bill Robbins, to share his thoughts on building a successful and happy career in dentistry. To hear about what brought him in and keeps him in this amazing profession, listen to Episode 623 of The Best Practices Show!
Do you want to elevate patient care? AI is your answer! To introduce the next big thing in dentistry, Kirk Behrendt brings in Florian Hillen, founder and CEO of VideaHealth, to showcase their AI software used by thousands of dentists and practices. Using it will increase trust with your patients, improve treatment acceptance, and optimize scheduling. To learn more about VideaHealth so you can start using it today, listen to Episode 622 of The Best Practices Show!
Looks like there’s a chance of rain! So, what do you do? You bring an umbrella with you. When it starts to pour, you wouldn’t keep the umbrella folded up. That would be ridiculous!
Your team is smart and capable. Step back and let them be successful! To reveal how, Kirk Behrendt brings back Ariel Juday, one of ACT’s amazing coaches, so you can stop overfunctioning and feeling overworked. You can't and shouldn't do everything on your own! Empower your team to find purpose in their roles. To start delegating more and stressing less, listen to Episode 621 of The Best Practices Show!
Whether you know it or not, you're using digital technology somewhere in your dentistry. It’s time to embrace it! To reveal how adopting digital dentistry will transform your practice, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Daren Becker from the Pankey Institute to share three important steps to successfully modernize your workflow. If for no other reason, go digital for your patients! To learn about the advantages that digital can offer, listen to Episode 620 of The Best Practices Show!
You don't have 24/7 access to your patients’ mouths — until now! Today, Kirk Behrendt brings back Dr. Christian Coachman, founder of Digital Smile Design, and Philippe Salah, CEO of Dental Monitoring, to introduce a revolutionary system that will help you monitor your patients’ oral health in real time. With DM, you can optimize the care you give before, during, and after their time in your chair. Prevention and maintenance have never been easier! To learn more about the next big thing in dentistry, listen to Episode 619 of The Best Practices Show!
Imagine you’re standing in front of a door. Behind that door is everything you want—efficiency, profitability, awesome team members, patients who pay on time. You pull out your keys to unlock the door. But none of them work!

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