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accountability business communication education growth leadership mindset morning huddle organization practice systems Jun 21, 2022

Are you exhausted from working too many hours? I’m not surprised, seeing as you tackle every task in the office. You take X-rays, prep tools and file records because others can’t be trusted. Of course you don’t trust anyone—you didn’t train them how to do any of that!

Stop doing what you suck at. Duct tape lines on the floor if you have to. Place them in front of the printer, the reception desk or wherever you need to stop taking control. Teach the team how to complete tasks for you. There will be a learning curve at first, but you’ll never have to do those chores ever again.

We only get 24 hours in a day. You’d much rather spend that time doing what you enjoy! Someone else can check emails and plan marketing campaigns. When you assign tasks to team members, you can put more energy into expanding your practice.

If you want to grow, you have to let go.


By the way, I’m not kidding about the duct tape. Even I have to draw a hard line (and this video proves it).

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